Feature Overview

We are committed to providing you the best MMORPG database experience. Each database is customized for a specific game. Currently, there are 12 databases available: AOC, Conquer, Dragonica Online, Dream of Mirror, Holic, Mabinogi, Maplestory Online, RO2, Requiem, Rohan, Silkroad and Warhammer. The following are some of the functions of MMOsite Database (take AoC Database for example). Many more databases and functions are coming in the months ahead. While browsing this feature overview, don't forget to click on the images to see larger versions!

Main Page Search Add & Edit Contribution & Fame Points & MMOgold
Main page
The main page of each Database is designed in a simple and easily accessible way while with powerful navigation functions. You can search through the search bar on the main page or use the pull-down menu to experience more functions.

Search Assistant
MMOsite DB has a powerful search function. There is no limit on the number of characters. You can choose either basic search or advanced search. The basic search bar is available on every DB page and the advanced search is available on all classified search pages.

Basic Search

Advanced Search

You are the Master of DB.MMOsite
Can’t find the data you’re searching? Spotted any wrong data? Don’t worry, you can add or edit the data on MMOsite DB at any time. You are the master of DB.MMOsite.

You can add or edit data no matter you’re logged in or not. If the data you submit is adopted by us, the dababase will automatically record your contribution. If you’re logged in, you can check your contribution on the Contributions panel. If you’re not logged in, please input your nickname so that your contribution will be recorded. Your name will appear in the Hall of Fame if your contribution is ranked among the top 100.


By clicking the  button, you can submit the data which is currently not available in the database.
Our DB adminstrator will review the data you submit within the shortest time. Once it passes the review, the data you submit will be included into the databse.


By clicking the button, you can edit the data you’re browsing.
Our DB administrator will review the data you submit within the shortest time. Once it passes the review, the result of your modification will be displayed accordingly.
Contributions & Hall of Fame

Once the data you submit is adpoted, you will get a certain number of contribution points (contributions). 1 contribution= 1 data = 1 screenshot = 3 points

If the data is submitted while you’re logged in, you will get contribution points which you can exchange into MMO Gold for various game prizes. So, we strongly recommend you to register and become a MMOsite member and submit data while logged in. You can check your contributions to the current dababase after you’re logged in.

Even if you are not logged in, you can still get contribution points. But these points can not be exchanged into MMO Gold, they will be shown below your nickname.

If your contribution to a database ranks top 100, your name will appear in the Hall of Fame of that database.

User Info

Hall of Fame

Points & MMOgold

Contributions can be exchanged into MMO Gold through our MMO Gold Center. And the remaining contributions which have not been exchanged into MMO Gold will be marked as Points. How to exchange Database contributions into MMOgold are shown as follow: